Sims 2022

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The Sims is one of the most thrilling simulators that have ever been developed. Here you get a perfect chance to write a life scenario of all your characters. And even heroes need to be created by the player. It is a full-fledged life simulator where you develop everything to your taste and wish! You will find yourself in a unique Sims world. Your first task is to create a family. What relations they will have between themselves is absolutely your choice – you can start with two sisters, a young married couple and so on. You can have children, you can have pets and much more. The built-in editor allows you to come up with unique personages that will have exclusive appearance, character traits and life goals. The next task is to build a nice home for your Sims and arrange a comfortable interior. And now, it is time to plunge into everyday activities and adventures – you will meet other families and will closely interact with them.

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The work on the project is not yet over. Its authors keep improving the game by adding new features and possibilities. The game has three modes – Building, Shopping and Life. You will continuously find novelties in each of them. Now, Sims houses can become more sophisticated and exclusive, and the range of items you can purchase is continuously growing. But the main changes await you in the Life mode. You know that now all characters can express emotions and react to different events they have to go through. And the selection of activities you can do here is now simply amazing. Besides, now you can enjoy day and night modes. Lots of new things are offered to players to love The Sims even more. Make sure to follow each update and enjoy them all!

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