What can be more exciting than becoming an author of someone’s life? Or even live a thrilling life on behalf of the whole family? If you would like to give it a try – welcome to The Sims, a thrilling simulator where you can do whatever you only wish! And it is not a joke! You are offered to create up to seven personages and then manage their existence under one roof. The in-game editor allows you to experiment with appearance, character traits and life goals. You decide on their gender, hobbies, careers, romance and much more. It is also important to establish connections between all your personages and start thrilling adventures.

How to play?

Once all your characters are ready – you need to build a house for them, furnish it with furniture and decorative items and start the interactions. All situations in this game are exactly the same as in real life, but they are randomly generated, and you cannot predict them in advance. It makes the gaming process especially exciting. Each of the personages will have basic needs – cheerfulness, food, communication, leisure, hygiene, natural need. You will have to control that they receive everything in full as their level of happiness depends on it. If you want to progress in the game – make sure all your Sims are happy! Join this virtual world now to have fun!

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