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The Sims Game · Play Online Free

Are you full of creative ideas? Then welcome to this thrilling simulator where you can create a world with unique Sims characters. You will write a life script of each of the heroes and live a cool life for them. What can be more thrilling than becoming the author of someone’s life scenario? If you are ready to build a virtual family and fill every day with cool events and adventures, open Sims to start it now!

Start a family!

There are two ways to start playing. You can choose a ready-made Sims family and interact with it. Or, you can opt for a more interesting approach – you can create your own characters. In this case, you will determine their appearances and other details. You have access to a whole variety of prototypes, so you can create personages with individual traits and life goals. Everyone will get a starting capital – use it to buy a house and furnish it with all essential things. A player can create a family with up to seven members.

These can be both children and adults. Your heroes will acquire a lot of features – you can give them names, state their dates of birth and much more. The possibilities are actually endless, and everything is limited only by your imagination. And of course, you will have to act within your budget – every family in Sims has a certain budget you can distribute on your own.

How to play?

The project combines several modes – Building, Shopping and Life. The first of these is devoted to house development. You will have to do everything from scratch – walls, doors, windows. Then you will work on the fence and can even add a water pool in your yard and plant some trees around. If you switch to the Shopping mode, you will be able to choose interior items and decorations for your home. There are a lot of things you heroes will need for happy living. You will need special in-game currency for efficient building and shopping.

Coins are called simelions here, and you can earn these in the Life mode which is considered to be the main game format. Once you play in the Life mode, you will control one or several characters and enable them to perform different actions. Every hero will need certain routine rituals – these will influence his level of happiness. Do not forget that if you do not keep it high enough, your characters may regress and even die! And, of course, make sure that each hero must earn money to afford a decent living in this virtual universe.

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