If you are a creative person and love adventures, we invite you to a thrilling life simulator. It is The Sims 3, a virtual world where you need to design your characters and their lives! It is more than thrilling to write a scenario of someone’s life, isn’t it? And what is more exciting – you can play for several characters at once, and they all can be absolutely different. You will have to use a special editor to create each of them. And you will work not only on their appearance but also on character traits, hobbies and life priorities. After you complete this stage, you need to think about the house for your personage. In the Building mode you will be able to construct a cozy dwelling, and in the Shopping mode you will buy all the essential things for the interior.

About gaming process

There is no any particular plot here – it is practically endless entertainment with amazing adventures. It depends entirely on your choices and decisions how the events will develop for you. If you choose to have kids – you will be involved in a relevant routine where you need to care for them. If you decide to build a career – all the actions will be devoted to work. You can even choose to be a villain here and step on the path of crime. There are no restrictions in The Sims! At the same time, each personage will have several basic needs you need to satisfy in time. And if you do everything correctly, your characters will have a high level of happiness. If you fail this task, they will regress and may even die. There are many updates that you can enjoy here for the best gaming experience.
Sims 2022 – 1400

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