BitLife – Life Simulator

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Are you looking for an unusual plot and a really weird adventure? Then it is time to discover BitLife, a thrilling life simulator! Here you will just need to live a life for your character – from his birth and up to his last days. At first glance, everything seems easy but in reality, you will be puzzled not once. The plot will continuously force you to make a choice. Every situation has several options of development. And you need to decide how you would act. Are you ready for such a challenge?

Make careful choices!

It is entirely up to you whether your hero will become a positive or negative character. The thing is that all your decisions will influence the further plot development. If you are ready to study, communicate and work, you will become a respectful person with a loving family and a wide circle of friends. But if you are tempted by fast income – you will step on the path of crime and end up as a loser. You will have to guide your hero through all the age phases of his life – from childhood to older years. There is a special button that will allow you to make your character older by adding years to his age. But you need to constantly monitor three basic parameters of your personage – happiness, health and smartness. If you do everything correctly – the level of all three bars will be high. If you skip too many activities – the level will immediately drop. So will you be able to make the right choices? Join now to find it out!

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