Sims 4 KoGaMa

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What would be your ideal life if you could write a scenario for it in advance? Unfortunately, we cannot do it in reality. But this online game allows you to realize any plans you could not achieve. You will find yourself in a thrilling world of Sims! Here you can create a whole bunch of characters and form a strong family. You decide for yourself whether it will be a young couple with children or a brother and a sister.

The most exciting thing is that you have plenty of opportunities to design the heroes to be completely unique – select their appearances, skills, hobbies and other features. Then build a nice house for your personages. Now it is time to interact with the Sims world – meet other characters in this fabulous universe. You can make friends and enemies here, start a marriage and have children, make a career and much more. Enjoy this virtual life to the fullest!

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