The Sims simulator has become one of the most popular games in this genre. It is a realistic life simulator where you become a full-fledged author of all life scenarios. All your characters are plain people but it is you who create them all as well as invent all major events in their lives. There are several releases of this stunning project, and each time, you will find more possibilities and exciting features. In the fourth part, all personages can express emotions and react to other characters and different events! Do not miss a chance to check it out!

What’s new in this release?

As you already know, you need to create all heroes from scratch. You decide on their traits and skills, appearance and even career. And now, you can see how your characters emotionally react to everything around – they will express particular attitude to all your actions, other characters and events in the game. You will immediately tell whether the personages enjoy their lives or not. The developers also enhanced other possibilities you can experience during the walkthrough – more options for communication between characters, more locations, advanced building techniques. You can share your achievements with other players, as well go and see what other users manages to create. The fourth chapter comes with a really powerful editor, and you can work on literally every detail.

Earn money and have fun!

Once you have finished with your personages or even a bunch of them, it is time to place them in the open world and start enjoying the life. There are plenty of things to be done in this fabulous story – you can work, you can travel, make friends and even start romantic relationships. You will also need to build a house for the family you created – strong designing skills are needed to complete this task. The best thing about this simulator is that all events are randomly generated, and you do not know what awaits you next in the plot. You can control your characters but you cannot predict their adventures. Interact with other residents of this virtual world, develop interesting dialogs, and make either friends or enemies. There are lots of thrilling situations here, therefore, the gaming process never becomes boring for the players, making them return to the Sims again. Make sure to experiment with all the features to enjoy this unusual entertainment to the fullest!

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