The adventures in the famous life simulator do not stop. And now you can enjoy the fifth release of The Sims! You will have a very interesting mission in this game – you will live life for one or several characters that you create yourself. On the one hand, you control your heroes and decide what their life looks like, but on the other hand, all events are randomly generated, and you can never foresee the plot development! Are you ready to dive in this thrilling adventure?

Create your personages

The first step is to get a playable character. Who will be your hero? It depends entirely on you. You can make a whole family – a married couple with children, or you can play just for two sisters. And you will work not only on the appearance of the personages – you must add character traits and life goals for each of them. If you choose that your hero likes to clean – he will be mainly engaged in this activity during the plot. And if you like your hero to make a career – he will be focused on his work. Just think well about what things you would love to be busy with and then select the relevant features for your personages. You can even decide to play for a villain! There are no restrictions in this funny project. Do not forget that all your heroes should have some relations between them.

Arrange a house and start adventures!

The next step is to make a cozy home for your Sims family. You can buy a ready-made house available in the menu or you can build it from scratch. Every family has a budget for building and shopping. In the Building mode, you will have to construct your dwelling – make walls, doors, windows. Then arrange a territory around it – add a garden and a fence. Then switch to the Shopping mode – here you can buy various items for your interior. But the main plotline is the Life mode. Here you will leave through the main events. You will live in a virtual town together with other families, and you are free to actively interact with them all. All events are randomly generated and you will dive into an endless flow of weird adventures. Here, you can build a career, make friends, fall in love and even have children. Life is very active in this virtual world, and you will never be bored. But do not forget that each of your personages must work and earn money to get access to all game features. Besides, you should always control the level of happiness of your characters and maintain it high! Have fun with the Sims!

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