The Sims 2: Pets

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In the Sims 2 Pets, you will start on a new thrilling adventure. This time, all events unfold on the rancho where your main task is care for dozens of pets. As in previous chapters of The Sims, you will have to create your own characters that you will play for. The in-game editor will allow you to experiment with all aspects – appearance, skills, hobbies and even life goals. You can create a whole family and switch between the personages while you are playing. The next task is to have as many animals as you can and care for them. The menu is really impressive – you will find lots of different species and breeds, and the list will constantly grow as you progress in the game. Are you ready for such a challenge? So start it right now to see how many pets you will be able to maintain. This adventure will be interesting for both adults and kids!

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