Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft

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Are you ready to play for a little mischievous kitten? Then this simulator is exactly for you. At first, you will have to choose from 7 different pets available on the menu. And then, you start on unbelievable adventures with your new virtual pet. You will interact with your owner. There are several levels in this game, and each of them consists of six missions. And every time, you will have to do something thrilling. For example, you will need to catch all mice in the house or break all the vases you can find around. One thing is sure – you will have no time to be bored as there are lots of funny activities here. You will be creating lots of trouble for your human, but this is your ultimate goal in this fabulous entertainment. So do not look for another game – enjoy this one! Even the smallest players will easily cope with all the tasks!

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